Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not as interesting as you might think

Thursday nights are kinda boring... I say that now... in a month I will be crying on hear. The words might even be blurred there will be so many tears.

We met at Off N Running's new store. Great new digs if you haven't had a chance to see it. Stop by and tell them Amy sent you! HA HA! Anyway Marisa gave us our path for the night and we took off. Almost 5 miles later and we were back. Nothing to write home about.

Now the conversation along the way is different. In my group, Me, Tamara and Kay boy we chat it up. I know you all are surprised since I am so quiet and reserve. Yes I know, less talk more run. But Marisa said slow and easy. We missed Amy R. tonight she is on vacation! You better be running while your in Nantucket girl ! I told her she had to bring pictures to prove it! Almost at the end I told them my bacon was burning. The joke is if you smell bacon burning it is just my legs rubbing together. Never fear Herbie's did not burn anything! Yes how rude to send a bunch of hungry women on a path that crosses a greasy spoon. Especially me... I might stop and have a bite or two and then come back.

See told you it was just a boring run! Hot as hell though... I have learned runs are never boring when your with people you like. I am very appreciative of the new friends I am making. I get to run with Rod (last years running group) in the morning. YEAH I can't wait...... I hope he will run slow though. His idea of slow and mine are way different. So Rod if you are reading this, my slow buddy!

I have added Dena's link to her blog for those of you who want to keep up with it. It is hilarious and I love it! (Dena I hope you don't mind)

Goodnight everyone and see you Sunday. Kenneth, I can't wait to see you and just talk talk talk the whole way to Salem Lake!

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Jessica and Kevin said...

Oh the sweet torment of Herby's. How I miss you... and the b**tard of a hill that runs behind you!