Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It is Official I SUCK at hills!

Now I totally understand why I choose a marathon on mostly flat land. I HATE HILLS! I thought it before but it is official, I hate to say it again, but I HATE HILLS. In our group there are these folks who can run up those hills and make it look like nothing, (Chris, Dena, John and Pam)and then there is me.....Pam told me that was negative thinking and yes it is very negative thinking! For those that are new to our group, Pam and John are awesome runners, but more importantly awesome people to be around. Thank you John for supplying us with inspiration before our runs. I think a prayer might be in order the next time we run hills!

So back to why I hate hills. Well mainly because I am lazy! I ordered a charm that says "No More Excuses". Sure hope it comes before the next hill repeat night. I think they picked one of the steepest hills in this crazy town for us to do hill repeats on. Hill repeats for those of you who might not know, are exactly what they sound like. You run up and down a hill repeatedly. I know, I asked myself the same thing, WHY? Well someone said I would get stronger. Right now I don't think I can move my legs, never the less think of them as getting stronger. I have been running for almost a year now with Rod and Jessica (last years group) in Adams Farm, up and down the same darn hills and I swear they never get easier. I sure miss my running buddies. Rod misses my complaining about the hills! Rejoice Rod, now other people get to hear me complain for an hour. You get a break buddy!

I have tons more to say, but it is 9:44 p.m. and that is exactly 1 hour past my bed time give or take a minute or two...and I have boot camp in the morning... So good night and GREAT JOB GROUP! YOU ROCK, well except for Marisa and those stupid planks! Come on girl, we can't hold that for a minute and laugh at the same time! LOL!

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