Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Slacker Award Goes To.....AMY BARRETT

Thank you, thank you so much...I was not expecting this! Yes I was. It is Tuesday and I am not feeling it this week. For no certain reason that I can think of but I do not feel motivated in anyway to get moving.

I need to remember that my motivation to keep running during the cold months is that I honestly like it, once my body gets use to it. For that to happen I would have to get up and go wouldn't I? My other motivation found is that my running crew keeps me accountable. Girls, start cracking your whips! I am slacking off!

This weekend I am running a half marathon in Winston Salem. No PR's will be set on this course due to it's diffeculty, but none the less, I am running it!

Happy Tuesday and I hope your motivation is better than mine this week.


Dena said...

And we'd like to congratulate Dena Harris for coming in a close second! The judges admire the way Dena TALKS about running outdoors and PLANS to go running outdoors and then wimps out because it's slightly cold and runs on her treadmill instead. Better luck next year, Dena, and congratulations to Amy!

Kay said...

That's why I change at work....dont blink and go straight to the treadmill......as much as I hate the treadmill I know I will get a good workout and its not dark and cold

greentigress said...

Hi, I don't think you're a wimp - you're doing a half marathon!!