Friday, December 4, 2009

The Mistletoe Half Marathon

Tomorrow, my friends and I will be running the above mentioned race! Of course we are all trained up and ready. Our plan is to always stay trained well enough for a half and then we will feel great when we find our next marathon to run. But some of us are not as motivated as the others. That would be ME! I am just not feeling it. I am especially not feeling it due to the weather forecast tomorrow. Cold, rain and maybe some snow mixed in there. I love snow! I mean love it!

That is not the part I am dreading. I am dreading the pounding my body is going to take. Not like it is not use to it, but I am just wishing this was over. I need to be positive but I am not finding it in my feet right now. I know, I am just being a big huge baby! I sure hope that a good nights sleep, brings a different attitude tomorrow!

Wish me luck. Although, I think I am gonna need more like a miracle!


RunnerDude said...

Hi Amy! You're going to do an awesome job! I wish I were running it this year. I'll be thinking about you and your buddies during my early morning run. I'll be sending good/positive vibes your way. Remeber what you told me..."What motivates me most during the cold weather runs is the feeling of crisp air hitting my face as I run along. Kind of a mental cleansing for me. But also knowing my groupies will be there holding me accountable to my goals. Yes, my friends are as crazy as I am and we love it." Words tend to come back to bite ya, huh? LOL!! You'll rock in the AM!!!! I have no doubt!

Endurance Nation said...

Good luck! Running is such a many can't, so few have the time to train, so few have the desire. To even have any bit of all three of those things put you in a special'll crush it!

runrgrl2007 said...

Note to self: Stop entering RunnerDude's contest! He now is keeping me accountable! Thanks Thad!
Endurance Nation: Your are completley right and I thank God daily for the ability to get out and do it! I know I should stop complaining.

RunnerDude said...

Hey, no need to feel guilty about backing out. Saturday morning turne out to be a nasty, cold, wet day! I didn't do my usualy long run either. I worked out at the gym and then did a hard interval workout on the treadmill. When you're just not feeling it and the weather sucks, I take that as a sign to back off. Least you didn't get frostbite like Josh the barefoot runner!