Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Post For 2009

Here it is, December 31, 2009 and I am excitedly counting down until it 2010.

Followers know this has not been a good year for me personally and I am glad it is coming to an end. I will not miss any part of it. I do take me with lots of accomplishments but I also could take with me alot of heartache. We as a family have learned alot this year. More about people in general, the good and the bad of humanity, more bad than good, but we are ditching it and leaving it behind. We leave it behind and we grasp on to that we have each other if nothing else. Having each other means the world to us, but we are more blessed than we ever could imagine with a group of friends that are more like extended family!

So for 2010, I feel it. This is going to be my year! God Bless each of you that read this crazy blog. Again, my outlet for what I learn from life and my training.

2010 will be rung in with my running "sisters" and I say that because they are more than friends to me. We are running tonight at midnight and we just keep going all the way to Cincinnati OH for the Flying Pig Marathon in May.

Happy New Year!

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