Sunday, December 6, 2009

I have let my public down

I hate to report that I wimped out on Saturday! Yes I was supposed to run the Mistletoe Half Marathon in Winston Salem, NC (aka hill central) and I backed out.

This is how it started. I was emailing another runner on Friday discussing the weather and we pretty much decided that it wasn't worth being cold and miserable for 13.1 miles. Then, I got a message from Jess later on asking where we running rain, shine or sleet? I think that is how it went. I quickly replied, NO if too cold and raining but I would be backing down to the 5K. She kindly agreed and we our plan was set.

I woke up Saturday morning with my new best friend Lucy. A beautiful yellow lab who has not quite mastered holding it all night at 4:45 a.m. No rain... I was sad! Then when I woke back up at 6:00 a.m. it was pouring! I mean cold and pouring the rain. OK decision made. 5K'ing it I was. I had to run something so I could wear my new t-shirt. Then Jess texted that she wasn't going at all because her almost 1 year old had not slept good. Yeah ok blame it on the baby ! Just kidding Jessica! Good, now I don't have to tell my bully of a running friend that I was backing down! Bailing out, however you want to look at it.

We got over there and wow there were a lot of people there. I was shocked as I just knew people would not show up due to the very poor weather conditions. NOT! Too many people actually for my liking in a 5K. What you had were three kids running groups and lots of adults who must not really run on a regular basis as they didn't know race etiquette very well.

Let me tell you how I see race etiquette! Elites in the front of the pack. Faster than average next in line. Slower runners and so on and so on. Except, if you are a run/walker, there is nothing wrong with that. But please start toward the back and stay to the right. If you are 5 years old and your parents drug you out in the cold pouring rain, please beg them to start in the very back. If you are going to stop right in the middle of the race and almost knock the runner behind you down, say excuse me, I am so sorry! If your a dad and your wife sent you out in the cold pouring rain because you work too much and need to spend time with your children, please do not carry your umbrellas while trying to run with your child. Someone will get their eye poked out!

I think you get the jest of how this race went. I think my favorite line though from the entire race is "Mom, I can't feel my legs. Honey, do you want to hold mommies hand?" Yeah like that is going to make it all better! Ha Ha hee hee, we got a good laugh at that one and it was before the kid had even reached mile 1! Wonder how the rest of that conversation went?

This is one race I totally was sad I didn't have a camera. You should of seen me, John, Kay and Christine in our matching Hefty bags. Of course being the fashion divas that we are, we made them our own. Mine was a onesie, Christine was the armless runner, Kay the slutty runner and John just a man in tights with a trash bag on! It was funny and picture worthy!

So public, thank you for your encouragement. I am sorry I let you down ! If you don't know this, I am going to tell you! I am a HUGE baby when it comes to rain! It might mess my hair up! (DISCLAIMER: RUNNING PARTNERS YOUR NOT ALLOWED TO COMMENT ON ME BEING A BABY)


runrgrl2007 said...

Dena told us about Josh last night at dinner. That is crazy! Poor Guy. I need to send him an email. I am glad I didn't run the half. I have a sore throat today. So I think my body is really telling me something. I am going to listen. I have big training plans come first of the year. Need to go into healthy.

southofthecliff said...


Thought I'd let you know I'm recovering quite well.