Thursday, November 5, 2009


My time is drawing near...finally the nerves are kicking in and I AM SCARED TO DEATH.... I can't imagine what 26.2 miles running is going to feel like but I can only imagine that I am going to have to find some delirium some where around mile 20. For those of you that run with me I know your already feeling sorry for the people in this race around me! I am feeling sorry for them as well.

I saw Dr. JP this morning, the worlds best chiropractor! I told him this was like a last chance workout. He had to do his best this morning. So with that said I think my calves will be black and blue from his thumbs! I guess I should be glad and on Sunday I will be I am sure, but right now, not so much.

There seem to be alot of us GBORO folks going and I am wishing each of you good luck and hope I get to see you somewhere along the trail. OBX here we come.....

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Tam said...

You have no need to be nervous. You know that you are trained and ready for this. So GO GET IT!!!