Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thank you's

Now that today is behind me and I am officially a Marathon runner, I need to thank a few people that have pushed me, woke me up early and just stood right beside me through it all. In case your wondering I think my official time was 4:51 something.

John, Jordan and Ally...this race is for all you have given up due to my training schedule. You have had plenty of nights without me and waking up mornings with me gone. Things in our house fell by the wayside because I needed to run. Your an awesome family and I am blessed that your mine, even if I didn't show it. Pam Connor, for your wisdom, your encouragement, your constant friendship, your text, your prayers and Thursday night speed workouts! Christine, Kay and Amy R., for Saturday mornings of keeping me accountable and running right by my side, pushing me when I said I couldn't and of course listening to all the griping and complaining. Jess and Jill for your years of listening to the griping, complaining and talk radio. To all of you, your friendships, which mean more to me than that, you have become family to me! For my coach, Suzanne, girl you have earned every penny. I know I have been difficult throughout the entire year. But I am strong today because of you! Oh and you will be proud at mile 24, I said to myself, "is this all you have". I think it paid off.

This week someone made a comment, and a simple one at that. But it has pulled me through some dark moments and I want to thank her because I bet she didn't know at the time how it would effect me. Marisa, for the athlete that you are and the encouragement you give even though I am not in your group, Thank you! To all of my other friends, running and non-running, thank you in general for always asking how it is going and reassuring me I could do this. I am positive I have missed someone key to my life, but it doesn't mean I am not thanking you in my heart. OH my could I forget him! Dr. Jeremy Phillips has gotten my feet moving so that I can do this and if I promised on Facebook that if I couldn't do it he was who I was blaming first. Well, JP, I did it and now I better be the first person your client list for Tuesday! Because I need putting back together.

THANK YOU EVERYONE! I could not of done this without the role you play in my life! Yes, I am your needy friend and thanks for be there! YOU ALL ROCK!

Race report to follow soon!

One last time, thanks for all your friendships, your encouragement, your faith in me, and for just standing by me! I love you all! Sounds like a eulogy doesn't it? Well feel free to us it if you need to cause this might just be the death of me tomorrow! LOL!

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celmore said...

Congratulations! Looking forward to the race report.