Monday, October 12, 2009

Not the dayoff I had hoped for.....

Today was supposed to be a day of "ME"....Not doing anything related to my family (ok I will feed them later), my job or my house. It was going to be a rest day and a very well deserved one after my run yesterday. Well laid plans don't always turn out so well laid.

I am how many days away from the OBX Marathon? Can you say 26! I can, 26 days out and I am feeling good and very encouraged that I can do this. I can run 26.2 miles and cross a finish line. My body and my mind are on two different planets. My mind says yes, my body says, "you fool,what are you getting us into"? I must be the proud owner of 100 year old feet. Because they HURT!

With that being said, I am off to the Dr. about my darn foot. Not the right foot that I hurt last year but the left foot that I have now hurt. I have a huge blister that no matter what I do for it, will not heal. Therefore I have been landing on the outside of my foot for so long I have done something! I am praying he says "your a big baby now go get it done" and "oh by the way this will heal the blister"! I want to talk about my orthodics as well. I think they maybe part of the problem. So we will see.

Lucky for me I have the mileage base to FINISH but that will be it. I will be very happy with a finish! Then I promise to never put my body through this again. I will stick to short runs! Yeah whatever...... Can you buy feet on the internet?

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