Saturday, October 17, 2009

Half Marathon PR for me

As you know,I have been nursing a sore foot this week. I have spent several hours at Off N Running working with John and Emily on new shoes and some other ideas. Had not made a true decision on should I run today or not until yesterday. I had not ran all week on the foot, but I did do spin class to keep me moving. I met Jessica on Friday to run 4 miles and see how the new shoes felt. Foot felt fine so I decided to run the Cannonball Half Marathon in Greensboro, NC today.

I laid all my stuff out last night,as to be prepared this morning when the alarm went off. 6 a.m on Saturday comes early but I should be use to it I know. We made it to the race sight on time, despite Mr.Vanities need to be pretty before we leave. I get my chip,use the potty and we are off. We didn't realize they moved the start line so a little sprint was in order to get there. Got there and in plenty of time. Gun went off and we are Off N Running.

Anyone who has ever run with me knows that I am going to do several things throughout the run no matter what the distance. First I am going to complain and secondly, I am going to talk to random people. Third your going to have to hear about all the people I know that are running as well, but just because I am shocked by the number of people I know that run. Today was no different except I might of started complaining a little early. It was cold. Jessica expects it and just tells me to shut up and run.

That is exactly what we did. I had a goal to just finish before today. Then when I was getting ready, my wonderful hubby says "I see the clock for you today". I asked for it not to say 3 hours. He laughed at me and said, "nope it says 2:08", to which I laugh loudly. I am a 10:30 min. miler....and very comfortable at that. Jessica said we were finishing in 2:10 and I told her to leave me if she had to. No need for any of that. Great run for us today and Whiny Spice finished in 2:07:52.

I took 15 minutes off my last half and 8 minutes off the one before that. The good Lord willing OBX will not be as hard for me as I had in mind.


jamesclark said...

That is excellent. Congratulations. - James

Anonymous said...

Well done. You looked so strong when I ran past you after the turn in the Cul de sac I thought "Wow, Amy looks happy I'm sure she will do well today". So glad to hear I thought right. I think you will be just as strong for the OBX marathon!