Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I think I have taken "getting my oink on too far"

I laugh as I type that heading, but it is so true. I need to get my poor eating habits under control. Something in my body and brain has gone haywire and I am starving all the time. Just like now, it is 9:31 p.m. I just had dinner (I am not telling you what I ate) and I feel the need to eat something else. I am not a super sweets eater, I would rather have some bread and butter! Toast and hot tea are my favorites at this time of day! Hence why I am spilling my guts on a blog instead of eating. Hoping I will go to sleep before I get up and go get something.

I know the main reason is my poor choices in food. I don't think anywhere is it said that eating mexican for lunch entitles me to pizza for dinner. See what I mean. POOR CHOICES! A few months back I tried weight watchers and that just wasn't cutting it for me. I need food and I think I need alot of it. My waistline is now showing the ill side effects of my poor habits.

So I am going to somehow, someway, get this under control. I am not promising that I will not be mean or nasty if I am hungry! That is just how I roll! LOL!

So if anyone has any grand words of wisdom please do share them....But don't tell me I need to make better choices, I am well aware of that!


Kay said...

Hey Amy B...I too love bread, pasta, ice cream w Bailey's...most things that would be better off staying in the store...so that's what I do....when I get in my not so healthy mood...I just dont have it in the house. I know it's a lot easier for me since I dont have a family but if it's not there you cant eat it. My friends here at work tease me bc I have two cookies in my lunch bag...as I tell them, if I only have two cookies I can only eat two! Love ya but dont beat yourself up over this...you are fit, active and will get even better after 40. Take it from someone who has been there

Steve P said...

You know the drill, but fiber is a good thing to keep the demons away. Oatmeal in the morning, a fiber bar in the afternoon or evening, etc. But what helps me at night after workout is a few rice cakes with a very thin layer of peanut butter and a few slices of banana on top...Kay's story reminded of a coworker who kept a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints in the freezer, and ate 1/2 of one cookie as a treat once a week...now that's hardcore!

WendyBird said...

You need protein! I was starving all the time when I got into my HM training and evem waking up an hour before my alarm starving. Adding a protein shake at night and sometimes in the afternoon too took care of it. With all that training you need a LOT more protein and a shake with 20 to 22 grams of protein is only about 100 calories (and they are pretty good with a shot of coconut rum in them, LOL.)