Saturday, January 16, 2010

Getting My Oink On

While training for OBX I swore that I would never run another marathon ever! Never SAY NEVER! I am officially registered for the Flying Pig Marathon on May 2nd in Cincinnati Ohio.

Of course those that know me know I roped in a friend or two to go with me. I started with Pam Connor, Kay Shore and Christine Flowe. Pam politely declined when she read the race course. Kay declined when she was told the date. Due to the fact she holds a yearly party and has for a long time and people look forward and depend on it being the first weekend in May. Tons of people better show up and have fun since she turned us down to have the party. Christine said "let me think about it"....That didn't take long. We both are officially registered. Our room at the host hotel is rented and training has begun! Then in talking to my new friend Steve from OBX, he is running it as well. I thought I had a few more suckered in but no go! I am just excited that we are going to know someone.

We actually had a hard time or I should say, I had a hard time getting a training plan that would work with the fact that I am doing a sprint triathlon the very next weekend. So to say the least, I am at the gym or running everyday! Glad John is doing the sprint as well or they might not ever see me. Training plan is picked, just tweaking it now to fit in the swim and bike.

This is our second week actually and we are doing great. The cold weather has not stopped us, maybe slowed us down a little more than normal but we are excited and looking forward to it. There is something wrong with people who are looking forward to running 26.2 miles! Come join the madness!


greentigress said...

Wow amazing!!! good luck with both your events!!

Dena said...

You guys will rock the Pig! Still hope I can get there to cheer you on!!

robison52 said...

I'm in awe of those who can train in three different disciplines!! I barely have enough time to run, not alone swimming and biking.