Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Where the heck have I been.....

Why have I been MIA on blogging? I could say that I didn't have anything to say for the last year or that I have been too busy. Neither of those would be true. Most of you wouldn't care and if you do, you already know what the last year has been like for me and if you know me you know I am an open book. So I didn't feel a need to vent here on what I started as a journel of my training history. So why did I come to the blog site again? I loved blogging as an outlet and again as a journel of my journey in training. Now I need an outlet for what is hopefully the beginning of a training season and an outlet of some really crappy stuff going on around me in the lives of people I love! Training should start very soon (yes only if my Dr. releases me) and my hope is to train for a half marathon. That is the plan right now. But you all know the best laid plans are sometimes not seen to frutition. If you have followed this blog for any amount of time then you also know for me that is totally true so I am just going with flow. The Dr. did I say I may never run any long distance ever again. I am stubborn so I am hoping that plays a part in that. As for the crap going on around me - well one of my besties found out on Sunday her 4 year old daughter has cancer. That sucks and it is unfair and me as a believing christian, well lets just say God has alot of explaining to do. I will tell you like I told Him, make me sick. Me, the mean, bitter, cynical bitch - not the beautiful, sweet, loving, caring, full of life Evelyn who has not even begun to live. I will take this for her!!!!!!! Oh and I also told Him that I am not sure what he needs to teach us adults through a wonderful child being sick - but I don't like it and I hope to see a teaching lesson soon. I am quickly reminded though that I am to have faith that He is a miracle worker and can heal. So God here is my prayer, heal Evelyn's little body, make her whole, ease the pain that her loving parents feel, help them to understand something they cannot control with their child. Ease the pain of her friends and family members, especially those that the memeroies of losing their own child haunt. Wrap us with love and understanding that only comes from You. Dear Lord I pray these things in the precious name of Your son Jesus Christ. I am a praying woman, I ask that you do the same thing for my sweet friends. To follow Evelyn's progress and treatment - check out this website.

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