Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I found a new running buddy

I am on vacation this week and Lucy is with us. John took Macy home with him so I get stuck with the one year old let me destroy everything that I know you love yellow lab. She is a very sweet girl most of the time but boy if you don't have her occupied she really does love to eat precious items. Like my new running shoes a few weeks ago.

Today is Lucy's one year old birthday and I thought what better way to start it off then to let her run with me. I wasn't really worried about running much today because after being thrown off the golf cart yesterday (by accident) my ankle was hurting so I really just was trying it out to make sure it was just tight and not really hurt. The majority of the swelling is in my arch so I thought it would be fine to walk on. So off Lucy and I are. She is not much of a leash walker so I had no grand hopes of her running far. Well my little girl has surprised the heck out of me and she actually ran the entire 2.5 miles with me. At first she couldn't decide which side she wanted to be on but after the first mile she chose my right side and just trotted right along. I am still in shock over how focused she was. Nothing bothered her. Passing cars, people and little dogs did not effect her at all. She just kept going. Lucy was totally ready for her water bowl when we got back and now is napping.

Then when I opened my email, there is an article from Runner's World on training your dog to run with you! Guess what I am going to be reading this afternoon? Lucy is officially my new training partner. I sure hope Rod and Jess don't mind her coming along in the mornings to run with us!

If anyone else runs with their dog and you have any words of wisdom, please share them with me. I want this to be a good experience for me and Lucy.

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WendyBird said...

My Lucy is a way better runner than walker! When we walk she has too much time to check out smells and squirrels, running entertains her better. It also wipes her out so she sleeps and stays out of trouble, a tired puppy is a good puppy! You will LOVE having a fourlegged running partner!
Words of wisdom? ALWAYS carry water for her. They get over heated much faster than we do and be carefully about hot pavement and ice in the paws in winter.