Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not really training for anything

It seems very odd for me to not really be training for anything in particular. Oh believe me, I have made my race calendar in my head and it is going to keep me busy. But right now I am just enjoying running.

I haven't enjoyed just running in a long time. It is not a chore (well most days aren't) to get up and get out the door. I am running 4 weekdays and am going to get my long run in on Saturday. I am still swimming and biking but not really focusing on anything. Just enjoying multi-sport fitness.

My goal is to learn to run by myself and if I find someone to hang with me for the long runs, that will be great, but if not, I can do it. I think there is a new lesson to be learned by me in this and it might be to find some inner peace with running. Be one with running.

We shall see how this works but so far so good.

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Kay said...

Ya know Amy takes a while to get used to yourself and only you but it is nice to clear your head, not think you need to answer a question thrown out by a friend, try to keep the conversation going....the usual stresses of a run. You learn to listen to your body...slow down when it tells you to speed up when it says go and so forth. The really long ones are hard but if you have a buddy for part of it like I have the best of both worlds....Friends to run with and making friends with yourself. Happy running my dear friend!