Saturday, May 15, 2010

An Apple A Day will not keep the Dr. Away

Well at least not for me. It seems I will be seeing a pulmonary Dr. for the rest of my life. How did this happen and why me is all I keep asking myself. I have never smoked in my entire 40 years of life. I have not always been active but shouldn't the last 4 years of hard training have been enough to make up for it? Shouldn't all the people I know be looking at me saying "Damn if she can, I can"? Yes I think all of those things apply. Well they don't.

As reported in my last update, I had a medical issue at the end of the race. I am an asthmatic and the granddaughter of COPD genes! Well guess who was the lucky one? That would be me. Yeap, my lungs suck. They don't move air the way yours do. Yeah you sitting on the couch eating ice cream, potato chips and french fries and you breath just fine.

As I am sure you can tell already, I am angry, I am mad and now I am reassured that I was not switched at birth, which I had always believed. But they cannot deny me now. I got their lungs! The anger comes from not doing anything to cause it and actually working hard to stay healthy. Unlike the rest of my family.

I will not stop any of this madness, I will just have to be careful. Run with an inhaler, a phone and yes I guess an I.D. bracelet. I was asked to run in moderation and watch the conditions. Which I will watch the conditions but I will not back off, I will just up the life insurance and make sure I always have clean running shorts on just in case!

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