Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sometimes training can be boring.....

I only mean that I don't have any fantastic revelations to write about. I swim (ok I actually have to do it more often), I bike and I run...... I have great friends who are with me. The bestest friend ever is by my side daily pushing me to be the best I can be. If it weren't for my husband I might slide on a few workouts. I really should thank him instead of nagging at him for staying on my back. Then there is my Suzanne. She has to constantly reassure me that it is all good and I can do this! I think she realy has a little bag of hats that she wears with me. Coach, friend, counselor...... I am sure there are more, but she is great!

Although I love, love, love snow, I am looking forward to sunshine and warmth for bike rides outside and running through the greenscapes of the parks instead of the dreary brownscapes we have now. Although, I noticed my eyes are burning. Time to call the Dr. for some eye drops. That is the part I hate the most about Spring. Other than that, I need to get my butt in gear and focus on weight loss and overall strenght and endurance. Funny how last year I felt like a strong runner (for me) and now some days I feel like I am barely going to make it. But last year I couldn't swim or ride a bike so I guess you give up some of that strenght to share with the other sports.

Here is hoping for something exciting to write about soon.

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